Fixed In A Flash Highest Quality and Best Prices

We are a team of dedicated and honest professionals offering full-fledged watch and jewelry repair and restoration services. Located in Lexington KY, we have been in this business for the past 27 years and have served thousands of satisfied customers over these years.

Repair and Restoration Services

We offer top quality diamond jewelry sales and services. We also provide reliable and affordable service and repair of high-quality watches, also installation of  batteries, bands, pins, adjustments, faces, etc. Apart from that, we work on appraisals (by appointment), sizing, clasp, hook, and ring repair, batteries for car remotes, tipping of rings, restringing pearls and more.

Custom Jewelry

We work with you to create jewelry for you. We ensure that your jewelry is personalized and customized to match with your requirements and choices.

Made to order and custom jewelry are our specialty, and we tailor-make jewelry as per your needs, to your complete satisfaction.

Ready to Wear Jewelry

Our jewelry store has been around for 27 years, and we are known for the purity and quality of our products. We sell a full range of ready-to-use and ready-made jewelry, and a full line of new watches at our store.

Stop by our store to check out our specials.

We have a wide variety of jewelry available at our store as well.