Fixed In A Flash Repair and Restoration Services

Fixed In A Flash is an independent watch and jewelry repair service center. We have been offering watch repair and jewelry repair services since 1992. We offer high-quality services at fair and reasonable prices.

We are known for our professionalism and warm and friendly ambiance. In the last 28 years, our clients have come to trust us for reliable service and our commitment to giving you the highest quality at the best prices.

Our professional jewelry repair services include jewelry overhaul, ring resizing, tightening and re-tipping, diamond remounting and resetting, chain repairs, clasp replacement, restringing pearls, bracelet resizing and pin adjustments for all types of jewelry.

We have a professional watch repair service known for quality and affordability. These include, watch appraisal, watch resizing, battery replacement, and resizing.

We are famous for our restoration services for damaged watches not just in our county but in surrounding counties as well.

We are open all weekdays during business hours and also for half a day on Saturdays (see below for hours) for the convenience of our customers.

We have an exciting range of jewelry.

Fixed in a Flash Jewelry